What Is Website Traffic Generation? Why Does It Matter?

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Website traffic generation creates a win-win scenario where the business receives more customers, and the customer finds a stellar provider. In this blog post, we dive into the subject of website traffic.


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The internet is a super highway, where millions of “drivers” start their journey. You want them to exit the super highway towards your website. Website traffic, is very good thing. It means people want to see your website, want what you offer, want to do business with you. Website traffic improves awareness & sales.


What Does Website Traffic Generation Mean?

Website traffic generation is the process of improving visibility online before potential customers. Website traffic generation, simply put, is increasing the number of people who see a website.

Rather than focusing attention on a billboard or a print advertisement, the focus internet marketing is to direct potential customers and current customers toward a website. On the website, potential customers can choose where to go, what to read, and what may fulfill a need or want. Website traffic generation improves the visibility of a website.


Why Does It Matter?

Website traffic is an important statistic to measure success online as it influences the leadsand sales that can result from an internet marketing effort. In other words, the more website visitors, the more sales that are possible. It is important to have the tools and processes in place that successfully convert visitors into customers; this is where many businesses fail. The litmus test for a website is: How much revenue did your website contribute last month? If the answer is none or I don’t know, the potential of the website has not been realized to improve the revenue of the business. A visible website is poised to monetize its internet presence.

How Do You Improve It?

There are many ways to improve website traffic. The more popular ways are through: search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), social media, and blogs. Each one of these methods has its pros and cons. I believe no one method is the be all end all; I favor using all the best strategies. The internet is an ever-changing arena; it is a wise choice to diversify how online visibility is achieved for short and long term success.

Moreover, the best website traffic generation strategies improve one another. For example, social media is becoming an ever important part of search engine optimization. For years, SEO practitioners have helped artificially boost websites through link building; the links gave websites authority and credibility for keywords that the website did not naturally command the attention. Google and other search engines have taken steps to remove artificial elevation of websites.


What Is The Natural Way To Improve Website Traffic?

Great content will encourage people to promote the content without asking them to do so. There is an inherent desire to spread awareness of a website when it contains remarkable information. Remarkable content can be broken down into two main categories: educational or entertainment.

Entertainment includes things that are interesting, light-hearted, humorous, cute, fail, inspiring information. Educational content solves a problem, sought-after material, subject of interest. This information can be shared in text, audio, video, even images. To learn more about creating memorable content, please read, “Great Content Passes the AEIOU Test.”

Your website can contain excellent information that encourages people to share it across the internet with their spheres of influence both online and offline.


Who Benefits From Website Traffic?

Businesses experience an increase in awareness as a result of website traffic. Website traffic boosts visibility. In the days of traditional marketing, companies would have to beg, bug, buy attention through radio spots, TV advertisements, ads in newspapers. When your website is seen by many people, they’re finding you online. They have an inherent desire in the solutions you make available, and if they like you as a provider, they’ll make a purchase.


What Determines The Success Of Website Traffic?

Traffic for the sake of traffic isn’t a proper strategy. Each business has unique strengths and weaknesses. Each business has unique financial goals. Each business has a different level of interest in funding internet marketing efforts to achieve their revenue goals. With the most important considerations factored in, each business can know the precise amount of website traffic that translates to the sales revenue they wish to generate online.



How much website traffic do you need to reach your revenue goals? Request a complimentary assessment to find out.


Closing Word Of Advice

For those who wish to work smarter, rather than harder. It is very advantageous to focus on the conversion rate of the website. A website that converts well requires less website visitors for the same amount of result. Example, what separates an average juicing machine from a great juicing machine is how much juice is extracted from the same size of fruit. Generally speaking, a great juicing machine will produce a higher amount of juice than the average one, despite being of equal input. When a website is efficient at converting website visitors into website-attributed-customers, the website requires less website traffic to reach its revenue goals. To learn about how to convert website visitors into customers, please read the lead generation 101 series.


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