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Each season on The Biggest Loser TV show by NBC people lose incredible amounts of weight. The success elements on the show have their online equivalent. Marketing methods transform from outdated, out of shape, or out of service into marketing methods that are at peak performance, productive, and profitable.

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Elements of The Biggest Loser



The contestants typically begin their first week on the ranch undergoing extensive medical tests to understand their current health status. For several contestants, the experience is typically an eye opener, they realize that their lifestyle has a measurable impact on their health. Based on the health information collected, the doctors can predict lifespan.

To construct a proper internet marketing plan, it is important to understand where the overall performance of the internet marketing. Some gaps will be obvious, others will be subtle. An in-depth assessment is typically an eye opening experience as many business owners are not aware of how internet marketing strategies influence their revenue. Based on the information collected, an inbound marketer can predict the time to reach an annual revenue goal.



Aside from the health benefits of losing weight, many of the contestants have a heart-felt reason for why they want to lose weight. For some, the weight loss means being able to spend more quality time with their young children. For others, it’s about being able to reach a new career milestone. This compelling emotional reason helps them get through the grueling day-long workouts.

What would it mean to you, as a business owner or marketing professional, to have less work related stress? Would it translate to more time with family? More time to focus on growing your business? More revenue to re-invest back into your business? How would arriving home from work happy influence your personal relationships? There are sure to be moments where you’ll have to persist through challenges online too. Growth works in stages, just like muscles. You’ll need to be patient and persevere to see the results mature.


8-10 Hours of Exercise

The contestants on the show lose more in one week, than most people do in a month. The contestants exercise more in a single day than most people do in a week, only a fraction of the workout is filmed for the viewers at home to see. The weight loss results are impressive, inspiring, motivating to observe.

With a proper internet marketing system, businesses can achieve more in one quarter than their competition does in one entire year online. It involves using multiple strategies over a period of time, consistently to make progress. The results for the business can be impressive as the cost of marketing decreases and the amount of sales increases.


Variety of Exercises

The trainers on Biggest Loser use a variety of cardio machines, a variety of flexibility exercises, a variety of strength training exercises. Each exercise is slightly different and focuses on a different part of the physical fitness. The exercises also vary in intensity. The combination of exercise variety and exercise intensity help the contestants lose the weight.

An inbound marketing professional uses a variety of internet marketing strategies to help businesses improve: awareness, potential customers, and actual customers. Each internet marketing strategy has its benefit and role, as well as statistics to measure it. When internet marketing strategies are used purposefully within the scope of a plan the results are measurable.



The success of the weight loss is also a result of foods and beverages the contestants consume. Each day they are allotted a specific number of calories to consume in order to lose weight. Prior to The Biggest Loser, the contestants were most likely consuming high calorie foods that were low in nutrients. The foods consumed are lower in calories and high in nutrients.

Content (information) is the lifeline of internet marketing because it allows you to communicate with potential and actual customers. Content can take shape in the form of text, images, video, audio, webinars, white papers, and many other ways. The focus of the content should be educational, focusing on quality rather than quantity. When potential customers can trust your content, you become a helpful resource.

Weekly Weigh In

All of the exercise, healthy eating, team support lead up to the weekly weigh in, where the contestants find out just how much they’ve lost from their effort. The contestants see that their hard work inside the gym has paid off. The excess weight wasn’t acquired in one day, it was acquired over months or years. Each week they acknowledge the progress they’ve made in relation to their goal.

In the online world, it is important to have a reporting schedule (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly); where progress is evaluated and discussed. An annual revenue goal won’t be met in a single week. It will take months to reach the desired the annual revenue goal.


Whether its Bob, Jullian, or Dolvett, the contestants know their trainer (1) wants them to succeed, (2) will set high goals for them, (3) will evaluate their progress, (4) invested in their success, (5) encourages them to perform at their best. The trainer teaches the contestant how to exercise and to push themselves beyond perceived limits to reach their weight loss goals.

A committed internet marketer is similar to a Biggest Loser trainer because (1) wants them to succeed, (2) will set performance goals to reach revenue goals, (3) evaluates progress towards revenue goals, (4) wants clients to be successful, (5) works each day at his/her best to make the client successful. The marketer helps the organization adopt internet marketing in a way that brings new revenue for the business.



Each small victory leads up to the grand finale, where dramatic differences can be seen in the contestants. The contestants radiate health. They’re jubilent and triumpant because they’ve reached their goal weight. Before The Biggest Loser Winner is announced, it is very clear that the majority of contestants have improved the quality of their life, as a result of being on The Biggest Loser.

Within the scope of a year, statistics can confirm the small victories that lead up to the final result. The marketing metrics, CRM, sales staff confirm the increased in customers. The staff is less stressed, as leads are inbound rather than outbound. The most pleased of all is the business owner who has reduced or eliminated expensive forms of marketing while improving sales.


Success on The Biggest Loser is due to many elements coming together to help people transform their health. A proper internet marketing strategy is comprised of many different elements that come together to help businesses become more successful.


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