How To Promote Your Blog Posts [Infographic]

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Once you have a blog post, it is work has just begun. It now needs to be read by potential customers and those that may find the information beneficial to their buying research. Consumers are drawn to information that piques or satisfies a curiosity they hold. When your content or your blog entry fulfills that need, you have assisted them in learning something of interest. There are many ways to promote your blog post to reach your target audience.








Your blog post is a tool to attract new customers, new leads, new visitors to your website. When you blog, you are increasing the ways a potential customer can find you.

Each blog post should be optimized for search engines, so that when someone looks for a topic you’ve written about, they can find it on your blog post. To learn more about blog post optimization, please read How to Improve your On-Page SEO.


The objective of promoting a blog post is threefold

Increase website visits

Increase blog subscription

Increase inbound leads


Increase Website Visits

Website visits increase through blogging on a regular basis. Each new blog entry on your website is like adding a new page to your entire website. The more information that is available on your website the more opportunities you have to be found by someone in need of your services or products. Businesses that blog on a regular basis receive more website traffic than those that do not blog.

Another added benefit of blogging is that the content is valuable sometimes years after it is published. With som elements, a blog is like wine, it improves as it ages. Google takes into consideration the age of a blog domain. It also prioritizes trustworthy content. When a particular blog post has been online for months or years, it has had a lot of time to attract inbound links.

Each inbound link is a digital referral that shows search engines, this is valuable information on a specific subject.


Increase Blog Subscription

Your blog should offer people the choice to receive updates when a new blog post is available for them to read. This occurs primarily through email opt-in or RSS reader.

The advantage of providing blog readers the option to subscribe to your blog is:

They’ll be notified of new posts.

They’ll return to read.

They could share it with peers.

They could evolve in their relationship.


When readers subscribe to your blog, the notification lets them know a new blog post is available. They won’t have to check back in vain to see a new post isn’t available. They won’t have to remember to check back on their own. RSS Readers are a gentle reminder to see new posts from a particular company or consultant.

If you have to choose between the two: offer email updates. Most people check their emails on a regular basis, more so than RSS. It is best to offer two ways to receive updates. If you can only choose one: choose email updates.

If someone really enjoys your blogs, then they will forward it to their friends or colleagues. When an individual recommends you content, it gives you the opportunity to be discovered by another person o group of people. Within their contact sphere may be other like-minded people who value your services or need your expertise.

Over time, a blog reader may trust, like a company enough to go from reader to customer. The time span between the two varies by industry, budget, need, and timing. One thing is true: blogging can be a tool to attract new customers for a company.


Which method is the least time consuming?

The least time consuming ones are social network updates (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Thanks to programs like Hootsuite: you can share your content across multiple channels, at different times, with different wording in just minutes. For added online visibility in busy newsfeeds, you may re-post a link to your blog post. Over time, you can decide when is the best time for you to share your content for the greatest number of readers. Blog updates shared on social networks provide a quick boost to the number of views your blog post receives.


Which is most effective?

If you’re looking for a fast-immediate boost in views to your blog, a well-written press release can increase the visibility of your website by 400, 600, maybe even 1,000 views if its distributed online by a major internet press release provider. Press releases can boost your blog subscribers too. It also helps draw inbound links to your website. The drawback is it will cost significantly more than many other options. Still, it can be an effective way to get a boost in blog visibility.


Which blog promotion method is better in the short term?

It depends.

If you already have a very large community that supports you, social networks and social bookmarking websites can easily help promote your content from peer to peer.

If you are just starting and don’t have an online community, you may find that you’ll have to use other methods to obtain similar results. Do you best to connect your blog to places where readers could stumble across them: directories to be found by new people.


Which is better in the long term?

Success with blogs is a long term strategy. Blog readers naturally wish to share information they find valuable with others.

To obtain the help of readers to promote your content online, it is important to interact with them on social networks, supporting their blog efforts, and create valuable information. If blog readers know, like, trust your content, it will be easier for them to promote your content to their spheres of influence.

As time progresses, you will have many readers. These readers will promote your content for you. It will traveler farther, faster than you could on your own. It will help you reach people you want to reach.

Valuable information is worth sharing, with little to no encouragement on your part. People intrinsically want to share that wish they like and find useful.

Those that are the most successful today in 2012 started 3 or 4 years ago. The number of readers, visits, inbound links, and customers they attribute to their blog are a result of consistent, persistent blogging effort over the years.


What should I expect?

Every business is unique. The starting point for every business is different. Regardless of your starting point, benchmarks for success should be set. These benchmarks should factor in the influence of the blog towards visits, leads, and customers.

Blogging is a long term strategy. It will pay off it is part of a plan that is consistently implemented and promoted well.

Set goals. Take action. Achieve goals. If you persist, over time you will reach the highest goals you set for yourself.


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