How To Bring To Life A Frankenstein Website

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It’s live. It’s liveeeee! Most business owners exclaim with excitement once their website is published on the internet. This excitement comes crashing down after a short period of time as the website isn’t doing the following things; attracting potential customers, qualifying potential customers, or closing new business. The purpose of the blog is twofold: 1. How do identify a Frankenstein website? 2. How to fix a Frankenstein website.

Let’s start off by defining what a Frankenstein website is. A Frankenstein website appears alive, but in actuality, it is just existing. A website that is genuinely alive grows with the purpose of improving: (1) visibility, (2) potential customers, (3) actual customers, and (4) sales.


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Do I Have A Frankenstein Website?

Here, are the most common symptoms.

Uncertainty about Performance Statistics

Few Options for Accepting Potential Customers

Lack of Connection Between Clicks and Customers

Uncertainty About Performance Statistics

The saying goes, what gets measured, gets improved. There are vital statistics that influence the success of an internet marketing campaign. These statistics should be known without hesitation, without doubt. It’s understandable that if these metrics aren’t top of mind or aren’t known, their importance can be forgotten. There are many metrics for success, including number of website visitors. There are many credible, authoritative sources for this information outside of Google Analytics that should help you understand your own website page views as well as that of your competitors. Website visitors have a cascading effect on the sales funnel. The more people that visit your website, the more potential customers you have, the more new customers you have. It’s very much interrelated to one another. For more information about website metrics, visit Compete and MozRank. A Frankenstein website doesn’t know vital statistics. When uncertainty about performance statistics exists, there is room for an inadequate sales funnel process.


Few Options for Potential Customers to Express Interest

Potential customers need multiple ways to express interest. Very few customers are ready to buy the moment they visit your website. It is important to design multiple avenues for people to enter your sales funnel. Each customer arrives at a different stage in the buying process, when they locate the step that is most appropriate for them, they are more likely to take it. When website visitors take a step to keep in touch, receive an educational offer, or solicit more information, they are entering your sales funnel. Inside your sales funnel, they can be nurtured until they are sales ready.


Lack of Connection between Clicks and Customers

Basic website analytics don’t reveal the full scope of customer interaction with a company. Internet marketing statistics only reveal the beginning: what website pages they saw, what offers they liked, and what their interests may be. When internet marketing metrics integrate into a customer relationship management system, you can then see how offline behaviors and online activities intertwine to convert a website visitor into a website-attributed customer. A customer relationship management (CRM) system is often the missing link between a website, entering sales funnel, and closing of a sale.


How Do I Fix A Frankenstein Website?

Understand How Internet marketing activities influence revenue

Purposely create avenues for potential customers to express interest

Unify internet marketing activities with customer relationships

Understand How Internet Marketing Activities Influence Revenue

Performance metrics are unique to each and every business. Successful companies know both performance metrics and importance of metrics. There is no such thing as static online: rising, coasting, or declining online. If you haven’t done so already, request a complimentary assessment of your internet marketing efforts. It will reveal the unique statistics that will directly influence your monetary success with internet marketing.


Create Avenues For Potential Customers To Express Interest

There are three types of buyers, at a minimum, that you should create a proper plan for as you create avenues for potential customers to express interest.

Information seekers: potential customers who have discovered a problem and wish to find information on how to solve it.

Evaluators: potential customers that have determined the solution to their problem but are now sorting out which provider to choose from.

Incentive Seekers: potential customers who like your solution, like you as a provider, and they want a good reason to buy now rather than later.

Ask: What would an information seeker want to see in a blog post, a call to action, an information offer. Chart out what the process should be to evolve each type of buyer from one category to another. The objective of nurturing customers is to provide them with the right message at the right time to evolve the relationship towards a win-win sale.

Unite Internet Marketing Activities With Customer Relationships

If the path between website visitor and the customer is murky, unclear, or undefined, then it is too easy to lose sight of how one behavior fuels the success of other elements. The best thing to do is to unite internet marketing activities with a customer relationship management system. This marries internet marketing with personal selling to close the information gaps. When you can see how internet marketing activities translate into new sales, it is very encouraging to invest even more into your internet marketing.

Frankenstein websites can be revived with the proper internet marketing strategy, to produce sales for the business. The first step to resurrect sales-dead websites by recognizing one, when you see it. After reading this blog post, you’ll have three important components to determine if a website is successful at developing profitable customer relationships.



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