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As businesses adopt multiple internet marketing efforts they find themselves juggling website, blog, social media, search engine optimization, pay per click advertisements, email campaigns, lead generation tools, website analytics. Each of these different strategies have a unique login, located on a different website, used with different objectives, but at the end of the day, it’s suppose to work altogether to help the business achieve a specific objective. An integrated online marketing software merges all those different internet marketing strategies under one login, one website, one purpose. It rids businesses of the frustration, while making an online marketing strategy better, faster, and stronger.


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Marketing strategies are like gears, each is

unique yet it is designed to work together.




An integrated online marketing platform is better than having multiple platforms because it helps a business achieve message consistency online, accurate analysis, sharper conclusions.

It’s important to be consistent with your online marketing. The marketing message, you wish to communicate with buyers, is preserved and distributed more easily with an integrated online marketing platform. Here’s an example. If you write a blog post titled “How to Choose a Custom Home Builder,” then you can post links to various social networks on the post you just created. You can email your contact database of this new alert. The message is consistent across social networks, blogs, SEO, and email campaigns.

Accurate data analysis begins when all vital data is located in a central place. When the data for every major aspect of your online marketing is in one central place, you can see the beginning, middle, and end of each inbound lead. Which campaigns are getting noticed by prospective buyers? Which types of content result in more inbound leads? How many customers are acquired through a specific online marketing strategy? Being able to know the answers to these questions is possible with an integrated online marketing platform. Since the data is interconnected, you assess the success of the online marketing effort relatively easily.

Accurate data analysis allows you draw smarter conclusions. You can determine which efforts need improvement. Prior to embarking on the journey, it’s important to set goals, benchmarks, key performance indicators. You can then see your progress in relation to this goal as below, on, or above the ideal level of performance. As you create a new effort to reach a goal in online awareness, inbound leads, or lead management, you can make a decision based on what the data shows. The purest form of feedback is from buyer data; it shows the result of marketing efforts to improve the quality and quantity of inbound leads. Over time, you are able to form your own best practices to ensure you only improve with your inbound marketing system.


There is a finite amount of time in each workday. It is important to maximize ones energy to the top priorities to make the most of each day. Integrated online marketing makes it possible to market a business online faster because it helps save time on important aspects: awareness, lead generation, and marketing analytics.

To gain awareness online, a business may use a variety of strategies such as social media, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per click advertisements (PPC), blogs. Since each of these strategies requires login at different sites, the tiny bits of time used to access each of these accounts adds up, as well as: navigate, update, and analyze. With integrated online marketing platform, you can update your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest) from one place. You can customize the message that goes out to these. It’s time-efficient. It’s time-effective.

Without an integrated marketing platform, you can have 3-4 tools to nurture leads that aren’t working together for lead generation. One software provides the landing pages, an email service provider, contact database (CRM), and still another program for e-commerce. Each requires a different login, different screen, different process to update. You are able to save time by having an integrated online marketing platform with lead generation when you can do conversion, nurturing, customer relationship management system (CRM), and e-commerce from one platform rather than 3 or 4 platforms.

With analytics, you may find yourself using multiple programs/websites to observe website analytics: one for social media, one for lead generation, one for website analytics, one for customer data. With social media alone, it may require a login for each account to view the account analytics. It’s harder to analyze data across multiple platforms because the information may not be collected or organized in the same way because they need to be obtained in different ways, because they’re located in different places. An online marketing platform saves you time with data analysis because the data is collected in a single place, using the same criteria. At a glance, you can spot trends. These trends make allow you to identify what particular effort is resulting in greater visibility, better lead quality, and actual customers.

With lead generation, integrated online marketing makes it possible to manage inbound leads from wherever they come from through an online marketing campaign. You can see which campaign brought the prospective customer in. After they transition from a website visitor into inbound lead, you can see what pages they viewed prior to conversion and post conversion. The entire process of acquiring an inbound lead, nurturing an inbound lead, and closing an inbound lead is faster with an integrated online marketing platform.

Take the social media challenge: open 5 social media accounts try to determine: how many visits to your website it brought, how many inbound leads, how much engagement you were able to obtain in a 1 month period. See how much time it takes you to access & collect the information. With an integrated online marketing platform, you’ll save much more time, and it will be less stressful.



The amount of statistics available in this information age and with internet marketing makes it possible to apply the scientific method to marketing. Do you remember the scientific method from grade school? You start off with a hypothesis. You determine the variables. You put it to test. You analyze the data. You form a conclusion. This applies to online marketing when you test the efficacy of a page to convert inbound leads. You can test individual page elements: headline, content, form, button, colors, layouts, and other minute details to see what impact it has on the outcome. The data allows you to see what works and what doesn’t work. When your marketing is based on data and evidence, you can create new studies that are even more successful than prior marketing attempts.

When you can make data-driven decisions, you can determine more easily, what is paying off and what isn’t paying off. With certain forms of marketing, the provider can only provide estimates on exposure; traditional marketing providers will not make estimates on ROI. Online marketing makes it possible to see how many customers you actually acquired as well as how they found you online. The ability to track how customers find out about your company, your services, your benefits make it superior to outbound marketing. There is a level of accountability and demonstrability that other forms of marketing just can’t match. An integrated online marketing program measures return on investment at a level of accuracy that surpasses other forms of marketing.

A great software will also let you see how you are doing with respect to your competition. You can analyze their online marketing sales funnel. You’re able to make nimble decisions in response to it. You are able to make decisions that make the company’s financial standing stronger as you position yourself to acquire more recognition, credibility, likeability, and sales. Not only can you see what the competition is doing, you can see how your efforts fare in comparison to their efforts. What are your strengths? Is there a weakness? Is there an opportunity? Is there a treat? You can see this information, then position yourself to have a stronger online presence to take the lead online and offline.

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